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Say goodbye to running around in circles trying to organize catering for your office or event. With CaterCamp you can organize your catering in one flawless online process. Save time while discovering great new menus to liven-up your office meetings or event. Whether it’s a drop-off platter or full catering service, we’ve got you covered.

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Choose from our wide and continuously growing selection of verified professional caterers. These caterers have valid health, hygiene and safety approvals and their places of operation have been carefully vetted by our team. Discuss your catering needs with the chefs through private messaging.

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Select your menu, finalize your booking or delivery and pay online via credit card or EFT. You will be kept updated of your order progress via email. Rest easy knowing that your catering needs are in professional hands. Once your order is fulfilled, you can leave a review on the menu or caterer.

We are on a quest to bring ease-of-access to catering services for business and private customers. At the same time, we are transforming market-access for caterers and small-scale farmers. By connecting caterers to  customers, we expand our catering peers’ reach, visibility and  market size. Caterers are likewise connected to local small-scale farmers and food processors to enable fast and reliable access to the required produce for their production needs.

As a customer, you have access to a one-stop-shop to discover and fulfill all your catering needs. Feeding an office meeting, a birthday party, wedding or a company year-end function, CaterCamp has a verified caterer for you.

Caterers benefit from world-class marketing and order fulfillment processes whilst focusing on what they do best – creating great meals and memorable events. The time-wasting and frustrating experience of sourcing great ingredients will be solved by the presence of great local farmers who can take online orders and deliver at the click of a button.

Our farmers and food processing peers benefit from a using a world-class marketing platform with direct access to the end-user without having to hire expensive website developers or sales crews. They also get to focus on what they do best – producing and delivering the best fresh food for their customers.

CaterCamp came about as a result of Munya Makumbe’s passion for creating technology-enabled businesses that enable people to feed themselves and generate an income. To this end,  the Growpods Mini-farms concept was created. Growpods are a low-cost water-efficient hydroponics system that enables folks in low-income communities to grow leafy vegetables and herbs. Although the system is water-efficient & highly productive with low labour requirements, low-income start-up entrepreneurs struggle to finance getting started with a Growpods mini-farm (Learn more about growpods here). We sought funding from developmental institutions and corporate social investment. However, to get these mini-farms projects funded by DFIs and CSI, project economic viability has to be demonstrated through securing a profitable market. Letters-of-intent or contracts from potential buyers are required along with the funding applications. The challenge for the mini farms, like all other small-scale farmers, is that the retail buyers require ability to regularly supply high volumes for any meaniful agreements to be entered into. Selling at fresh produce markets results in loss-making operations as high commisions (12 – 13%) are taken by the marketplace and agents on auctioned produce. Any produce that is not sold is destroyed and the farmer loses. It became obvious that a market that can accommodate the semi ad hoc nature of a small scale producer and still pay good prices was required. Caterers and restaurants have the kind of demand that a local small-scale farmer could satisfy profitably without wastage. Thus CaterCamp was created to connect the whole community of small- and medium-catering businesses, produce suppliers and customers. We address the key pain points of severely limited marketing capacities, limited supply and demand options and connectivity within this seemingly fringe but highly-active industry.