Tips for a Successful Catering Event

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Tips for a Successful Catering Event

Whether you are seasoned caterer or just getting into the business, you want to make sure every event that you cater for is a roaring success. One bad event is one too many because that can ruin your reputation and even your business. A badly delivered catering experience can leave you with a ton of bad reviews on social sites. You want to make sure that every time you deliver an event the bases for success have been covered and then you can turn your attention to making it dazzling.

Check out this article on how to do just that:

The first step to getting hired as a caterer happens when a client calls, emails you or inquires through your website. Once you’ve been contacted, it’s important that you respond promptly. Be prepared to answer all their questions, make suggestions and generally handle yourself in a pleasant and professional manner. Be prepared: The first phone call will rarely result in a sale for a number of reasons. First, the customer may be shopping several caterers. Second, you probably won’t decide during that conversation exactly what’s going to be served, so you won’t be able to give a specific quote. Third, you’ll want to inspect the site of the event before putting together your final proposal.

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Reacting to Negative Social Media: Taking the High Road

What if you did all you could to deliver a stellar event but ended up having some disgruntled clients? These clients may have been so upset by the experience they decided to post some really negative reviews about you or your service on social media. What is the best way to handle such negative reviews?

Read this article for some ideas.

Everything in your business can be going according to plan, but a negative post on social media about a recent event you catered can throw you into a tailspin. No matter how great your product and service, it’s almost inevitable that someone, sometime will complain about you on social media.

What can you do when such a post threatens your brand’s reputation?

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Clever and Creative

Delivering that stellar catering event every time takes some creativity and thinking outside the box. In order to create a truly memorable event, you have to constantly reinvent the delivery of your food service. This article brings some inspiration by taking a look at how caterers are being truly creative with their food services.

Caterers are raising the bar with their station set-ups, capturing guests’ attention with imaginative food-and-drink displays.

By Sara Perez Webber

When it comes to creativity, stations are in no way stationary. Caterers, hotels and even convention centers continue to come up with ways to make their food-and-drink stations and buffets engage the imagination as they whet the appetite. Read on for examples of clever and creative station concepts that keep ’em coming back for more.

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4 Things A Professional Caterer Would Never Do

If you are going to be doing your event catering yourself without the help of a professional caterer, or are just getting started, this article discusses some key do’s and don’ts that help the pros get it right all the time.

In fairness, caterers do work under time constraints, but they stack the odds in their favor by planning a menu that won’t have them racing to finish every dish at the same exact time…..To avoid dishes getting cold and soggy while you’re waiting for another to finish, it’s all about selecting strategic recipes, Reti says. Her ace in the hole: braised meat. Though it may sound chef-y, it really just means that you cook chickenbeef, pork or another protein dish low and slow. You can start it hours before you plan to eat; while it cooks, you can prepare a salad and clean the kitchen. Take the meat out of the oven and let it sit while you prepare simple sides, such as salad, rice or couscous. (Bonus: Your house will smell amazing.)

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